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Used calf, sheep, poultry equipment,
machinery, forage, & also livestock

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Using this website and our monthly email list, we can contact hundreds of potential buyers.

On your farm you may have items such as calf feeding machines, feeder wagons. hurdles, sheep handling equipment or livestock. Some of these would be better cashed in. A commission is charged only if the item is sold, so there is nothing to lose, and we can arrange haulage if necessary.

Please take a few minutes to consider what you would like to sell and fill in the attached form and press the send button.


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You Sell

When a customer is interested they should contact by email or phone. We will check it's still available and put them in touch with the seller. When sold the seller will be invoiced by email for the commission charge plus vat (see commission rates below) let us know as soon as it is sold, so we can remove it from the list.

Sheep Equipment

Footbaths, turnover crates, handling equipment, electric fencing, clippers etc.

Poultry Equipment

Feeders, drinkers, electric fencing etc.

General Farm Equipment

Water tanks, hurdles, bulk bins, tractors, forklifts, tele-porters, towed/trailed equipment, diesel tanks, livestock trailer, roller and hammer mills etc.

Trade Seconds

Stock clearance, slow-moving items, short dated, slightly damaged, from retail stores.


Anything agricultural, just put 'wanted' on your form. This can include jobs.


Cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, goats etc.

Cattle Equipment

Calf feeding machines, footbaths, parlours, bulk tanks, hutches, calf igloos, pasteurisers, Mobile milk mixers, feed bins etc.


Hay, silage, fodder beet, etc.

Sell Your Item Now

Fill in the form below. A photo from your phone, tablet or PC it will help it sell. Describe the item as accurately as possible including any faults. An approximate new price today and the age will also help the buyers to evaluate your product. Then press send.

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When a sale is completed, an invoice will be sent by email to the seller for the commission at the price advertised. VAT will be charged at the standard rate.


Commission Rates:

Item price Rate (%)
£50 - £99 12%
£100 – £199 11%
£200 – £499 10%
£500 – £999 9%
£1000 – £1999 7%
£2000 – £2999 5%
£3000 – £3999 4%
£4000 – £4999 3.5%
£5000 – £5999 3%
£6000 – £6999 2.75%
£7000 + 2.5%

For Comparison

eBay charge 10% of total including postage and Paypal then charge another 3.4% on top, total = 13.4% + 0.20p per transaction, auctioneers typically charge 10 - 15% of gross proceeds.

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